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The Sundial Register

John Foad, RegistrarThe BSS Register of Fixed Dials is a computer database and physical archive, in which we aim to capture all the dials of quality in the British Isles.  We now have a record of some 7,000 dials, and you can find a summary at the ‘Statistics’ link below. 

We have of course a never ending task, and we rely on our enthusiastic membership to provide reports and photographs.  If you have not yet contributed, please do consider joining the ranks.  You will find all that you need to get started under ‘Notes on Recording dials’ below, and some of our most prolific reporters are celebrated at the ‘Reporters’ link.

We are always looking for unrecorded dials, but update reports are also important, so that we can track the dials’ changing condition, location, repair or reconstruction.  If you would like a list of dials in your area, or in a place where you are planning to spend some time, please let me know.  I can list dials by county, or within x miles of any spot you name.  And if you just want those for which we have no photo, or those not reported for many years, I can do that too.

The full Register was last published in 2010, both in printed volumes and as a DVD.  Printed copies are now in very short supply, but the digital version is still available.  If you would like a copy, please contact Elspeth Hill or the Registrar for costs and details.

If you have any queries, requests or suggestions, I would love to hear from you at any time, and you will find my contact details here John Foad.

Finally, please do not leave this section without checking out our ‘Stolen Dials’ link.  Theft is rare, but we can help.

More about the Register:   Statistics
Notes on recording dials:   Guidelines for dial recorders
    Report Form
About our Publications:   The Register, the Recorder and the Newsletter
Stolen Dials:   What to do!, and check our list (PDF 417 KB)

As an experiment, the public sundials of Staffs. wll be shown on Google Maps here (with thanks to John Lester) - to come shortly.  Other counties will follow.

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